Tips to Hire the Best App Developers: Do’s and Don’ts

Hire the Best App Developers

Mobile App Development

According to recent reports from Statista, there are over 2.6 million apps on the Google Play Store and 2.2 million on Apple’s App Store. With such a huge number of mobile apps, the most common challenge that everyone faces is how to get their app noticed (of course, without any advertising) among the millions of others.

So, the question is, what does it actually take to build a successful mobile app? Definitely, it is a wonderful idea that makes your app different and unique from others. However, even a great idea doesn’t work unless you have the best team of mobile app developers. Take note of these to do’s and don’ts if you really want to hire the best app developers to build a stellar, high-quality mobile app.

Mobile App Developers

The Do’s of Hiring the Best App Developers

Analyze the Experience and Expertise:

The first and foremost thing you should bear in mind while hiring the best app developers is checking out their knowledge, experience, and expertise in the mobile app development industry. Always hire the best app developers who are able to build all the features and functionalities that you want to be included in your app.

To judge how much strong expertise a developer or company has, ask them a few questions related to mobile app development. Remember, the more experience and expertise they have, the lower are the chances of mobile app failure.

Check Out the Technology Stack:

When hiring the best app developers, another crucial thing you need to check out is what mobile app development technologies they are currently working on. To ensure the success of your mobile app, I recommend you hire the best app developers with a broad technology stack.

Choosing the right technology stack is an art and not every mobile app developer is good at it. Hence, when hiring the best app developers for your project, make sure they are not using any outdated technologies as well as they always keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends in mobile app development.

Pay Attention to Client References and Portfolio:

While you’re making every possible effort to hire the best app developers, Portfolio emerges as a powerful tool to judge the professionalism and capability of developers you’re planning to hire. Just ask them to provide examples of the mobile apps they have built in the past and you’ll be able to hire the best app developers.

Not just portfolio, take adequate time to listen to what existing clients are saying about the developer or company you’re going to hire. Allowing you to easily understand the kind of work developer has done in past, References help you make an informed decision about hiring the best app developers.

Assess Their Proficiency in Cross-platform Development:

After comparing Android to iOS, you’ll find both platforms have their own unique benefits. While Android emphasizes openness, iOS is all about security. So if you want your app to be developed for both platforms, hire the best app developers with a specialization in both native and cross-platform mobile app development.

The main advantage of hiring the best app developers having proven expertise in cross-platform development is the availability of your app across all prominent platforms in a cost-effective manner. That’s because cross-platform development not only multiplies the chances of your app success but also lowers the app development cost to a great extent.

Pick Someone Who Is Excellent in Communication:

Given that mobile app development is an iterative process, Communication is definitely one of the most important aspects when you’re hiring the best app developers. In fact, hiring the best app developer is all about finding the one who excels at communicating and understanding your ideas and suggestions and is able to execute them flawlessly.

Since you have to communicate and stay in touch with the developer during the project development life cycle, always hire the best app developers with excellent communication skills. Also, ask for the mode of communication they provide when hiring the best app developers.

The Don’ts of Hiring the Best App Developers

Do Not Limit your Search to Only Local Developers:

Although it is a common practice to hire the best app developers within your vicinity, it is definitely not a wise choice while the talent is available all over the globe. Don’t narrow down your choice only to local developers, even if how tempting they seem due to their proximity.

While local developers have an in-depth knowledge of local culture and common business practices, they often fail to deliver the quality that you expect due to their limited mobile app development skills. Hence, instead of looking for developers locally, expand your search as far as possible to hire the best app developers from around the globe.

Do Not Hire Someone Who Lacks Business Understanding:

It’s a common misconception that the process of hiring the best app developers requires getting familiar with only the technical side of a developer or company. While a developer must possess the solid technical knowledge accompanied with strong coding skills, he should also have an adequate understanding of your business model and target audience. Only then, he can build a great app that perfectly resonates with your brand value.

As a general rule, you should always hire the best app developers with an intimate knowledge of your business. Don’t walk with mobile app developers who have never served customers from your industry as they would never be able to craft an app that serves the needs of your customers.

Do Not Choose Pricing over Skills and Quality:

If you’re really willing to hire the best app developers from the crowd of so-called mobile app solution providers, never commit the mistake of hiring only on the basis of pricing. Even though pricing is an important factor, stay avoid from developers who either charge unusually low prices or ask you to pay extremely high fees.

To hire the best app developers, never let the pricing factor dominate the quality of your mobile app. Instead, think the knowledge, experience, skills, and expertise you’re looking for first and consider pricing at the last. Since there are several factors that affect the cost of a mobile app, it’s better to plan your budget well enough beforehand.

Do Not Pick a Developer Who Doesn’t Sign NDA:

Your app idea is precious and you definitely don’t want it to get into the wrong hands. To cope with this issue, you should sign a non-disclosure agreement when hiring the best app developers. And, in case a developer or company refuses to sign or honor the provisions of the non-disclosure agreement, do not work with them.

Signing a non-disclosure agreement not only guarantees that your app idea, ownership, source code and its contents will be safe but also ensures you can take serious legal action against the developer in future if he discloses the same to someone. Therefore, hire the best app developers who gladly sign and comply with an NDA.

Do Not Hire Someone Who Has No Maintenance Policy:

Mobile app development is not a one-time activity. Rather, it is an iterative process that requires you to release updates, fix bugs and incorporate new features and functionalities into the app from time to time. That’s why it becomes crucial to understand the developer’s maintenance and support policy when you’re trying to hire the best app developers.

Never choose a company or developer who doesn’t provide you support and maintenance after the app handover. Instead, hire the best app developers who offer you an app support and maintenance program post delivery, whether that’s on an hourly basis or on the task basis.

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