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A Renowned Amazon AFFILIATE for Eco-friendly Products

Greener Square

Products for the Greener Good

eCommerce | Food & Beverages

Greener Square, an Amazon affiliate offering a range of people and planet healthy products, asked us to improve their legacy static website. We redesigned their existing site and converted it into a custom dynamic WordPress-powered responsive website with advanced features like third-party API integration, advanced catalog search, vendor management, powerful theme admin panel, etc. In addition, we also developed a custom community page showing site statistics in a visually appealing and interactive manner.

Greener Square - iPraxa Client
Greener Square - iPraxa Client Greener Square - iPraxa Client
The World Changing eCommerce Revolution to Feminine Hygiene

Healthy Hoohoo

Love for Your Working Parts

eCommerce | Healthcare

Healthy Hoohoo, a USA based company offering natural hygiene products for females, wanted us to improve their existing Shopify store. We analyzed their store and incorporated several advanced custom functionalities, like a custom mega menu, a Find a Retailer page using the Storemapper app and a testimonial slider to their website without using any plug-in.

Healthy Hoohoo - iPraxa Client
Healthy Hoohoo - iPraxa Client Healthy Hoohoo - iPraxa Client

Automated Unit Testing

Automated Unit Testing is a kind of software testing where individual units or components of software, website or app are tested to check if there are any issues. Usually performed by the developer himself, Automated Unit Testing plays a vital role in validating whether or not each section of code is working as expected.

As a leading Automation Testing Company in India and USA, Unit Testing is an integral part of our Automation Testing Services. By testing your product on the code level, we fix all the defects found in the functions, methods, and modules, ensuring the highest quality of the end product.

Mobile App & Website Automation Testing Services

Automated Functional Testing

As the name itself explains, Automated Functional Testing is performed to verify whether or not all the functions and features of a product are working as expected. Under this type of testing, our professionals test each functionality of a product by providing relevant input, examining the output and comparing the actual results with the expected results.

Being a renowned Automation Testing Company offering finest quality Automation Testing Services across India and USA, we understand well that functionality is the cornerstone of user experience and therefore house a team of passionate testers who are capable of verifying all the functional requirements of a product.

User Interface Automation Testing

Automated UI Testing

Automated UI Testing is a testing technique that is performed to test the functionality and performance of the visual elements of a product. This kind of testing involves checking the user interfaces with elements such as menus, forms, buttons, icons, text boxes, toolbars, dialog boxes, and windows, etc, on all devices and platforms.

As a globally reckoned Automation Testing Company in India, USA and all over the world, we not only verify the functionality of user interfaces but also test their performance under different conditions. In fact, Automated UI/UX testing is an inevitable part of our Automation Testing Services.

API Automation Testing Company

Automated API Testing

Automated API Testing involves the testing of a set of APIs directly and as part of integration testing to check whether or not the APIs meet stated requirements in terms of functionality, reliability, security, and performance. API Testing is performed on APIs built by developers as well as third-party APIs.

At iPraxa, one of the premier Automation Testing Companies in India and USA, we offer stringent Automated API Testing as part of our Automation Testing Services to ensure all the APIs are working and interacting with each other properly.

Website Performance Automation Testing

Automated Performance Testing

As the name itself implies, Automated Performance Testing is performed to test whether or not a software, website or application meets speed, scalability and stability parameters under expected workloads. The main objective of Automated Performance Testing is to eliminate the performance risks associated with the mission-critical product.

Being a top-rated Automation Testing Company renowned worldwide for its apex-quality Automation Testing Services, some most popular types of Automated Performance Testing we offer are Load Testing, Capacity Testing, Endurance Testing, Volume Testing, and more.

Website Automation Testing Services

Website Automation Testing

Automated Website Testing is a process in which various testing tools are used to check whether or not a website meets all the functional requirements specified by the client. Automating all the repetitive website testing tasks, this process not only helps testers conserve resources but also gives them the ability to deliver an error-free website to clients.

At iPraxa, a reputable Website Automation Testing Company in India and USA, we offer our valued clients a full suite of Website Automation Testing Services to ensure their websites would function seamlessly on all devices and browsers - be it mobile or web.

Web App Automation Testing Services

Web App Automation Testing

Automated Web App Testing refers to the process of testing a Progressive Web App or Regular Web App against different automated test scripts to ensure if the web app meets all the functional requirements as per client’s needs. The main purpose of Web App Automation Testing is to help testers deliver more user-friendly web applications with high performance.

Being a dominant Web App Automation Testing Company in India and USA, we’re famed worldwide for providing clients best-in-class Automation Testing Services for both Progressive and Regular Web Apps. We use cutting-edge testing tools such as Appium, Kobiton, and Katalon Studio for our Web App Automation Testing Services.

Mobile App Automation Testing Services

Mobile App Automation Testing

Automated Mobile App Testing involves the testing of a mobile app against different parameters such as Security, Functionality, Stability, Scalability, and Performance. Under our Mobile App Automation Testing Services, our testers test a mobile app against a variety of mobile devices and platforms to ensure it would deliver users a pleasant and flawless experience.

As an accomplished Mobile App Automation Testing Company in India and USA, we use a custom built automation test framework to test and enhance the quality of your mobile applications. Our test automation framework leverage the power of automated testing tools like Appium and Jenkins to ease the efforts of our testers.

Mobile App & Website Automation Testing Services

Why iPraxa is a Reliable Mobile App & Website Automation Testing Company?

When it comes to Test Automation, we take a strict developer-centric approach and leave no stone unturned to deliver an error-free and well- functional product. A few things that make us a trustworthy Mobile App & Website Automation Testing Company are:

  • Hire Automation Testing Engineers
    A Dedicated Team of skilled and Professional Testers
  • Web Site Automation Testing Services
    Profound Experience and Expertise in Test Automation
  • Web Site Automation Testing Services India
    Utilization of Cutting-edge Automation Testing Tools
  • Web Site Automation Testing Services USA
    Rigorous Testing to Validate the Functionality of Software
  • Mobile App Automation Testing Company
    Risk-based Testing Methodology
  • Website Automation Testing Company
    Exhaustive testing approach to Ensure the Highest Quality
  • Mobile App Automation Testing Company India
    100% Client Satisfaction through Money Back Guarantee
  • Website Automation Testing Company India
    24/7 Technical Support via Skype, Email, or Phone
Mobile App & Website Automation Testing Services
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