7 Key Factors Affecting the Mobile App Development Cost

mobile app development cost

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When it comes to getting your app developed by a mobile app development company, perhaps the very first question comes to your mind is “How much do I need to pay for developing the application? Well, the right answer is “it depends” because there isn’t an average cost of mobile app development. There is a deluge of factors that influence the overall mobile app development cost, but the key ones are:

Type of the App:

The type of app to be built is one of the key factors that affect the cost of mobile app development. Would you like to go with a native app that is built for a specific platform like Android or iOS, or if you want to invest in a hybrid app with a single code base deployed to multiple platforms – decide what kind of app you want for your business.

The Complexity of the App:

Complexity is something that can increase the cost of a mobile app from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. For example, developing a simple to-do app would involve fewer efforts than what goes in developing a custom mCommerce application with product images. Remember, the more intricate design your app has, the higher the development cost will go.

Back-end infrastructure & API:

Another factor that plays a vital role in reducing or increasing the cost of mobile app development is the integration of third-party services and external APIs to enable certain features of the app for users. Particularly if your mobile app relies mostly on paid (premium) APIs/service providers, expect the cost to go up more than your budget.

Ongoing Maintenance and Enhancements:

If you think that mobile app development costs end with the deployment of the app, think again. Post-development maintenance and updates are in fact another key areas where a certain percentage of your money goes. Since there’s already an arms race going on between mobile operating systems, make sure to include these post development expenses in your budget.

The Number of Screens/Devices/Platforms:

Do you want your mobile app to run on multiple platforms and devices? If so, your mobile app development cost will definitely go high. This is because every device or platform has its own set of requirements, fulfilling to which requires extra effort from developers. Remember, the more screens, devices or platforms an app caters to, the more time and money it takes to develop it.

Database and CMS:

Will your app have user-driven content, such as images, videos, reviews, and comments? Will you edit and add data to app from your end? If your answers to these questions are yes, your app will need a database to store user-generated assets as well as a CMS to add, edit or delete any details stored in the database. Both of these factors can also increase the cost of your app development to a great extent.

App Security and Publishing:

If your app collects users’ any sensitive personal data, you have to invest in a powerful mobile app security tool to protect it from hackers, which will definitely influence the entire cost of your mobile app. Besides, if you want to release your app to app stores under your own or your company’s name, you have to pay the one-off cost of $25 to Google Play and $99 per year to Apple. So be sure to include these expenses when calculating the cost of mobile app development.

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