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Outsourcing App Development

7 Key Factors to Consider When Outsourcing App Development


By: Jay M | Views: 78
Web Design & Development | 3 Min

The mobile app industry is still booming and it seems to never stand still with the advent of wearable and other types of interactive devices. According to a recent report released by IHS Markit, there will be over 6 billion smartphone users worldwide by 2020. On the other hand, Statista projects that there may be

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Angular 7

Angular 7 – Let’s Know About the New Features and Improvements


By: Jay M | Views: 540
Web Design & Development | 6 min read

Owing to its unmatched efficiency, flexibility, and extensibility, Angular has been one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for developing single-page web and mobile applications. Since its release back in 2010, it has undergone several upgrades, each of which has improved the framework in some way or another. As a recent instance, while the dust has

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Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks 2018

12 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks 2018


By: Jay M | Views: 708
Web Design & Development | 5 min read

While the trends in web development are changing much faster compared to the speed at which they can be implemented, the popularity of JavaScript is continuously rising. According to a recent survey conducted by the Stack Overflow, JavaScript has been at the top of the most popular programming languages since the last six years, which

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Angular 6

Angular 6 – New Compelling Features You’ll Love to Use


By: Jay M | Views: 537
Web Design & Development | 5 min read

Angular, Google’s popular JavaScript-based framework for building single-page web and mobile applications, has been creating buzz among developers ever since its first release back in September 2016. While Angular 5, the previous major version of Angular, was released by the end of 2017, the search engine giant recently launched Angular 6 – the latest and

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