How to Hire Laravel Developers – 10 Crucial Steps & Tips

Hire Laravel Developers

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PHP web development has always been the most preferred option for both businesses and developers worldwide to build high-performance dynamic websites and applications. According to SimilarTech, nearly 5 million websites on the Internet today are running on PHP. VK, Slack, Tumblr, Tesla, and CNBC are just a few of them. Factually, almost 8 out of 10 websites use PHP in some way.

Out of the various PHP frameworks available in the market today, Laravel is the go-to choice for everyone to leverage easier and faster PHP web development. Studies show that over 7,00,000 live websites currently use Laravel, which is why there has been a dramatic rise in the number of businesses looking to hire proficient Laravel developers in recent years. If you’re planning to build a compelling website or application for your business using Laravel, here are some practical tips for hiring the most suitable Laravel developers for your next project.

Who is a Laravel Developer?

A Laravel developer specializes in developing highly-customized and feature-rich websites and web applications using the open-source PHP framework, Laravel. These developers hold immense expertise in everything related to Laravel, from Laravel installation and configuration to development, customization, migration, and upgradation. In other words, they help you unleash the true potential of the framework for your business.

Steps to Hire a Laravel Developer

Given the lesser number of Laravel developers in the industry than the requirements, hiring the best talent can sometimes be challenging. However, Hiring Laravel developers is a matter of a few steps if you are on the right track. Follow the tips given below to hire the best Laravel developers for your enterprise:

#Determine the Scope of Your Project

Before you hire Laravel developers, it’s imperative to define the scope of your project. Decide on whether your project is long-term or short-term. Determine the nature and complexity of the project and allocate the budget for it accordingly. You can then easily hire skilled Laravel developers depending on your estimate and the kind of expertise you require.

#Emphasize on Skills and Experience

Ensure that the Laravel developers you’re going to hire are proficient in programming languages, particularly HTML and PHP. Skim through the resumes to understand their background, area of expertise, and experience in various programming languages. You can also ask for a live web portfolio to get an idea of their past work experiences.

#Communicate with the Developer

Straightforward communication with a developer regarding the type of work you want will give you a lot of insight into their skills and expertise. You can interact with developers either in person or virtually. Brainstorm with them your project idea and ask them relevant questions to test their hands-on skills.

#Outsource the Project

Outsourcing is quite prevalent these days. Many leading companies opt for outsourcing. If your in-house team is not trained in a particular skill, you can outsource your project to a reliable Laravel development company instead of hiring developers.

Key Traits to Look for in a Laravel Developer

With thousands of Laravel developers out there, you must set criteria to shortlist the best candidates. If you get your selection criteria right, the hiring process will be a lot easier. Look for these core traits to find the best developers for your Laravel project:

#Deep Understanding of Web Technologies

You want to hire a Laravel developer who understands the technologies you want to use the framework with. Since Laravel is a backend development framework, your Laravel developer must have an excellent working knowledge of fundamental web technologies, especially HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. Hands-on experience of these languages will help the developer comprehend the architecture easily.

#Proficiency in Database and Query Optimization

Along with web technologies, the developer should be able to manage database systems. Hands-on experience with SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, and NoSQL databases like DynamoDB and MongoDB is essential. They should also have a good command over relational database queries.

#Expertise in API Services, OOP Concepts, and MVC

Professional working proficiency in API services such as RESTful, OOP, SOAP, and MVC is indispensable for a Laravel developer. Laravel development involves working with MVC architecture and APIs extensively. So familiarity with these techniques and concepts helps the developer understand the use case comprehensively.

#Knowledge of Server Tools

When you’re going to hire certified Laravel developers, make sure they are well-familiar with server tools such as Apache, PHP-FPM, Nginx, and Laravel Forge – an instant hosting and PHP server platform by Laravel itself. PHP is used for server-side programming. Laravel, being a PHP-based framework, requires expertise in various server tools.

#Understanding of Thorough Testing

Laravel makes the unit testing procedure much more efficient. It allows developers to test each module of the website and fix errors instantly. Developing the website or application is one thing; thorough testing of the code adds charm to the end-product and ensures a great user experience. Hence, a Laravel developer is incomplete without the necessary testing skills.

#The Knowledge of Agile Project Execution

Gone are the days of the waterfall model. Hire Laravel developers having expertise in Agile software development. The knowledge and insights of developers following this methodology create the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary product.

#Final Words

With hundreds and thousands of web development experts available in the market, hiring adept Laravel developers who fit your project needs seems like a daunting task. However, if you follow the above-discussed tips, hiring the best talents for your next project would be a piece of cake for you. Go this smart way, and you’ll be able to save a lot of time, effort, and money!

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