11 Must-Have Features in a WooCommerce Theme

WooCommerce Theme Features


When there are so many designs and features to consider, finding the perfect WooCommerce theme is difficult. We have a general tendency to focus on the virtual design of the theme rather than the important elements.

To increase your conversion rate and keep your audience intrigued, you need to look for these 11 must-have features in any WooCommerce theme you are choosing. Whether you are buying it on a premium or using it for free, make sure every effort counts in building the buzz on your website.

  • eCommerce-based Design Elements – Choose a WooCommerce theme that has the basic shopping cart and the checkout process already built-in. This helps you minimize the chances of the cart abandonment issue that could affect your online store. You should also look for product pages that provide product image galleries and animated ‘add to shopping cart’ buttons that pop up when you scroll over a feature or an image. Check zooming, navigation and full-screen effects as well.
  • Pre-made Templates – To save your precious time and money in coding a website, select a pre-made page template that can be easily customized. Seek out a WooCommerce theme with all standard pages already created.; you need pages other than just category and product pages.
  • Multiple page styles and formats – You want your viewers to never be bored once they are into your site. Having multiple page styles lends diversity to your site. You can dedicate sections to reviews, testimonials, blogs and many more. With a variety of listing formats, you can better organize your product gallery.
  • Social sharing features – Since you are marketing content on your website, you want to build buzz on your pages. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest make it easier for you to share your content and stay connected with your audience. Look for built-in social sharing and follow buttons so that you can eliminate the need for any added plug-in.
  • Drag and Drop Interface – A drag and drop interface allows you to customize your website layout easily, without writing a single line of code. Look for easy and speedy drag and drop interface which helps you to simply drag your elements, drop them on your page and further edit their properties to create a stunning website.
  • Compatible with Elementor – Elementor is considered by many to be the best page builder for WordPress. Moreover, it is free to use. To build beautiful custom pages and a dynamic website quickly, using a visual editor, you may want to choose a theme that is compatible with the Elementor page builder.
  • E-mail or Contact forms – Today, e-mail or contact forms have become one of the primary ways to market and increase the conversion rates. With an integrated contact form, you can save yourself from styling one on your own and ensure a consistent design.

While looking for the above features, you shouldn’t forget these very mandatory ones that everyone will tell you about:

  • Responsiveness – Your site has to look good and clear on any device your client uses to navigate on your website, be it a mobile device or a desktop. A responsive design ensures that your viewers get the same incredible experience on any platform.
  • SEO-friendly – Your theme should allow you to follow the best WooCommerce SEO practices. Along with the elements on your site, the theme should also be SEO-optimized so that your page ranks on the top in any search engine.
  • Speed and Performance – Your site has to provide a fast-loading and secure experience. Once a visitor abandons your page, there is a minimal chance that he will return. As per Google, speed is a very important factor for SEO ranking too.
  • Simple, Elegant and Modern design – You want your visitor to spend time on your website, but studies have shown that people generally leave a website when they don’t find it attractive. Opt for an elegant and modern theme with a clean design so that your visitors aren’t confused. Check the fonts and the colors, avoid any unwanted widget or sidebar.

All themes vary but an ideal WooCommerce theme should include the features we discussed above. You may also find a WooCommerce theme that fits your brand style but wherein a needed feature might be missing. In such a case, you can choose to use a plug-in to incorporate the missing element.

We have a list of some of the popular and easy to use WooCommerce themes that you may want to try – Shopisle, Hestia, StoreFront, Capri Lite, Belise Lite (for food websites), Shopper, Azera Shop Luxury, Easy Commerce, EightStore Lite, and Orfeo.

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