18 Recently Launched Tools & Resources for Web Designers

Web Designer Tools and Resources


Web Design, which is a subset of Web Development, is a realm where you need to keep yourself up with the latest trends and technologies because only then you can deliver your users the most contemporary experience. Given that 75% of users judge the credibility of a business based on the design of the website, using the latest tools and resources in your design process becomes even more crucial for you to stay ahead of the competition.

So whether you’re a freelance web designer or a web design agency backed by a creative team of designers, here is the list of 18 fresh and useful tools and resources that you can leverage to make your web design process easier and more convenient. If you use these tools and resources in your upcoming projects, you can surely make your websites and apps look fresh and stand out from the crowd.

Let’s get acquainted with them, one by one!

Absurd Design

Absurd Design Image 1

A perfect place for cool inspirations! Absurd Design offers a set of free surrealist illustrations that you can use for both your personal and commercial apps, landing pages, articles, presentations, and more. The main objective is to give your visitors a chance to think and spark their artistic vision and creative imagination with a new visual perspective.

Checklist Design

Checklist Design Image 2

Checklist Design is a collection of the best UX and UI practices for web designers to help them deliver a rewarding and satisfying experience to their users. Every page and component on the website lists all the necessary features along with a few helpful articles and great examples. Needless to say that you can use these resources to make your designs more accessible, functional, and production-ready.


Coursesity Image 3

Coursesity is one of the best places to discover best and free online courses on any subject, including Web Design. Initially known as Quick Design, this unique platform not only provides useful resources for Web Designers but also offers a wide range of courses to designers from other industries. You can choose from hundreds of thousands of top-rated and highly recommended online courses available on the Internet.

Best UX Design Case Study Collection in 2019

Best UX Design Image 4

This round-up of the best UX design case study examples curated from different resources on the Internet provides web designers with a golden opportunity to learn from some of the most interesting web design projects of the year. Focused on the story behind a successful design project, these deep-dive case studies help you understand how some of the industry’s top designers think, get inspired and handled their particular project.

Velocity UI Kit

Velocity UI Kit Image 5

Velocity is a dashboard UI kit and complete design system to help you get off the ground. Packed with 300+ UI elements, 70+ components, 30 screens for common app functions, and 10 core page layouts which you can mix and match to build your app, this responsively-designed kit is perfect for everything from building SaaS apps to set up an organized, efficient, and robust design system.

The New Design Frontier

New Design Frontier Image 6

If you need some genuine data to convince your clients of the transformative power of design, this industry-spanning survey examining the impact of design practices on business performance can help you. It contains data from 2,200 companies spanning 24 industries from 77 countries. These include small businesses, agencies, large enterprises, non-profits, and even government organizations that have shared how design has impacted their business outcomes.

Pixel Mob

Pixel Mob Image 7

If you’re looking for some high-quality royalty-free stock images to use in your design project, then Pixel Mob has got you covered. Acting as an aggregator, this website pulls in free-to-use images from multiple sources, including Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash, at a single place. Concretely, it can save your lot of time if you often open multiple tabs in your web browser to find and compare images from different resources.

UX Agenda

UX Agenda Image 8

UX Agenda is a project that put all the UX design conferences, meetups, and workshops of the year together in a single place. You can find the upcoming events, browse them by your favorite country, and can even submit your event for free. There are 41 countries to choose from and you can find all the relevant events by clicking on a collection.

Humane by Design

Humane Design Image 9

Humane by Design is a great resource for web designers to get guidance on how to design ethically humane digital experiences through patterns based on user well-being. Not only this website provides six UX patterns (Empowering, Finite, Inclusive, Respectful, Thoughtful, and Transparent) but it also offers several useful resources (Websites, Articles, Books, Podcasts, Videos, Newsletters, and Design Tools) for web designers to help them design human-centric website and apps.

Remix Icon

Remix Icon Image 10

Remix Icon is a set of over 1700 open-source neutral icons artistically crafted for designers and developers. Unlike a patchwork icon library, this simply delightful icon system is designed in outlined and filled styles with readability, consistency, and pixel-perfection in mind. You can download the icons in PNG or SVG format and of course, each icon is free to use for both personal and commercial projects.

Design Conferences 2019

Design Conferences Image 11

This is the most comprehensive list of the most exciting and inspiring UI, UX, interaction and product design conferences around the world, including America, Asia, and Europe. On this website, you can browse and discover design conferences by location, date, price, and duration. Want to add a design conference to this list? Just send its founder a tweet!


Rotato Image 12

Previously known as Design Camera, Rotato is a free app for your Mac device to facilitate you create, capture, and animate beautiful, photo-realistic 3D mockups in a matter of seconds. Trusted and used by the world’s leading designers, Rotato comes with insanely powerful post-processing and allows you to export your promo videos in 720p, 1080p, 2K, and 4K resolutions. It is indeed considered the best alternative to After Effects and Cinema 4D.


Cleanmock Image 13

Cleanmock makes it super easy and fast for you to create stunning, clutter-free mockups using the latest device frames that that make your design stand out, right from your browser quickly and for free. To create a professional and polished mockup with Cleanmock, all you need do is upload your design in PNG, JPG, or JPEG format and with just a couple of clicks, you have simple and beautiful mockups in your hands.


Shots Image 14

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Shots is the finest collection of over 6,000 hand-picked mobile design patterns which you can use to transform your static shots into responsive UI code with one click. All you need to do is browse a shot from the library and click to have it traced. You can then download or export the code to use in your project.

Felipe for Sketch

Felipe Sketch Image 15

Felipe is a Sketch plugin designed to speed up your workflow by visually turning basic shapes and layers into symbols. Instead of browsing the symbols library, you simply need to draw basic layers and the plugin would detect what you want to add to your design and automatically replace it with a relevant symbol for you. Offering you a better way to use symbols in Sketch, Felipe speeds up designing with symbols by up to two times.

Essentials Icon Pack

Essentials Icon Image 16

Essentials Icon Pack is a collection of 140 frequently used icons available in Sketch, Illustrator, PNG, EPS, isolated SVG, and InVision Studio formats. The bundle comes in two flavors: essential UI icons for any application and business and communication icons for X2B applications. Adding elegance to your designs, these intuitive icons improve the overall user experience of your app or website by making it look more professional and polished.

Eva Icons

Eva Icons Image 17

Eva Icons is a pack of more than 480 delightful open-source icons for common actions and items. These beautifully crafted icons can be downloaded in SVG, PNG, Web Font and Sketch formats and you can use them in your digital products for web and mobile apps. Available in both outlined and filled styles to ensure consistency and readability!


Blobmaker Image 18

If you’re looking for an SVG shape generator, then you should give Blobmaker a try. It is a free web app that allows you to quickly create, tweak and download random, unique, and organic-looking SVG shapes in just a few seconds. You can even adjust the color, complexity, and contrast of your SVG shapes to meet your design requirements.

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