The Top 9 Best Test Automation Tools for 2022 and Beyond

Test Automation Tools


The success of the automated testing process depends mainly on choosing the right test automation tools for the project. However, with a plethora of test automation tools available online, the selection of the right automation testing tool can sometimes be overwhelming. For your help, here is a curated list of the best automated testing tools that you can use to test and improve your projects in 2022.



ACCELQ is a fully-featured, cloud-based continuous testing platform that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help you automate functional and API testing without writing a single line of code.

Besides being DevOps and Agile ready, this next-generation test automation tool seamlessly integrates with a wide range of testing frameworks, helping you achieve 3x productivity at 70% lower maintenance cost.

2: ZeuZ


Scriptless, cloud-based, and DevOps ready, ZeuZ is an all-in-one AI-assisted click-and-test automation tool to create complex test workflows for desktop, web, mobile, API, IoT, and cloud services.

Used by several start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, it comes packed with 50+ tools, including Appium and Selenium, to make it easy for you to create, run, and analyze thousands of complex test cases in one go.



Testim is another powerful automated testing tool that uses AI-based smart locators to deal with the two biggest challenges in testing – unstable tests and slow authoring. Thus, it provides you the fastest path to create resilient end-to-end tests – coded, codeless, or both.

Trusted and used by the world’s leading companies like Microsoft and Sprinklr, Testim integrates well with the testing tools and frameworks you already use. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly Visual Editor to help you easily write, execute, and maintain end-to-end tests your way.

4: SoapUI


Built by Smartbear, SoapUI is one of the world’s most advanced test automation framework for REST, SOAP, and GraphQL API testing. You can perform functional, security, and performance testing on your APIs using this open-source tool.

This incredible tool not only allows asynchronous testing but also offers drag and drop, point-and-click test generation. Additionally, you can generate detailed, comprehensive metrics, statistics, and other testing data to measure and improve your automation tests.

5: CloudQA


Built on the top of Selenium, CloudQA is an intuitive and user-friendly cloud-based automation testing tool offering codeless test authoring to help you reduce QA related costs by 70% or more.

With CloudQA, you can run 100s of tests in parallel across different browsers and speed software release cycles by 5x. Also, it integrates well with your existing testing tools and frameworks, including Jenkins, PagerDuty, Slack, and Asana.

6: TestProject


Built on Selenium and Appium, TestProject is a cloud-hosted, community-powered, free end-to-end test automation platform for agile teams to test Web, Android, and iOS apps, effortlessly.

Offering a collaborative testing repository, TestProject lest you share reusable actions with your team members from anywhere around the world. There is also a Smart Test Recorder using which you can record and create automated tests for your mobile and web applications.

7: Selenium


No list of test automation tools is complete without mentioning Selenium – an open-source suite of testing tools built to automate browsers. With this extremely powerful automation testing tool, you can automate everything from your newly developed web application to your tedious web-based administration tasks.

Selenium is comprised of four components, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium RC, to get you started quickly. Moreover, it works perfectly with several testing frameworks, browsers, and programming/scripting languages.

8: Appium


Appium is an open-source automation testing framework for automating the testing of native, hybrid, and mobile web applications built for iOS and Android. It supports emulators, simulators, and real devices for automated testing.

Appium is built with the philosophy that native application testing shouldn’t require recompiling the app or including a software development kit. Thus, it allows you to use your favorite or existing testing tools, frameworks, and practices.

9: Katalon Studio


Used by over 55k businesses of all types and sizes, Katalon Studio is a codeless automation testing tool for web, API, mobile, and desktop applications. You can generate and execute automated tests on all devices, browsers, and operating systems – both on-cloud and on-premise.

While Katalon Studio offers codeless test creation for newbies, it also allows experts to extend and customize their test scripts. Other key features include out-of-the-box Jira integration and seamlessly integration of automated tests into the CI/CD pipeline.

Hopefully, you’d find this article valuable and informative. Feel free to contact us if you’re looking for a reliable automation testing partner to automate the testing of your websites and applications!

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