6 Ways to Prepare your Android App for Google Play Store


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Preparing your new Android app for Google Play Store not only includes having a right marketing plan in advance but also it requires you to take care of several things related to your app’s technicalities. Particularly when you’re going to make your app live, you need to pay special attention to its visibility and accessibility on Play Store. To help you out, here are a few things you should consider to prepare your app for Google Play Store before its release.

Keep the App Size Small:

No one likes to download an app that is large in size and takes up a lot of RAM on their mobile devices, especially when they’re on a slow data connection like 2G or Edge. To delight user with a speedy experience, consider using tools like ProGuard and DexGuard. Also, make any less essential app resources load only on-demand.

Make Your App Speak Multiple Languages:

To make your Android app usable and accessible to a wide audience globally, consider preparing your app for localization. To localize your mobile app, you can either hire a professional translation service agency or use translation tools like Crowdin or Weblate. Whatever root you choose, make sure your app fits in the language and culture of your targeted audience.

Perform an in-depth Performance Audit:

Is your app fast and responsive, and does it work flawlessly? Ask this crucial question to yourself before introducing your app to the world. If it doesn’t, run a detailed performance audit using a tool like LeakCanary and fix stability and performance issues, if any.

Run a Stringent Security Check:

No matter how many security checks your app has gone through in the past, be sure to check its current security status before launching it to the market. Keep your code copy proof and ensure the app properly encrypts all the sensitive data before storing it in the database.

Integrate a Crash Reporting Tool:

If you haven’t integrated a crash reporting tool, like Crashlytics or Firebase, in your mobile app, do it now. This will help you trace every possible clue about app crashes so that you can take the essential steps to fix them immediately. In fact, this is something you should do in the early stages of the app development process.

Test Your App on Different Platforms:

Finally, test your app thoroughly on different Android versions and mobile devices from at least popular manufacturers like Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc. who dominates the Android market. Almost all OEMs customize their ROMs to deliver users a unique experience, which makes it imperative to test your app on a variety of devices. You can virtually test your app using Android emulators; however, there is nothing that can replace a real device.

Now that you have understood how to prepare your android app for Google play store, what are you waiting for? Contact our mobile app development team and get it developed within your timeframe.

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