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Rigorous Testing is one of the most important phases of custom mobile app development process. And why not? The main objective of a mobile app is to ultimately deliver users an enjoyable, error-free experience. Unfortunately, despite a huge number of mobile app testing tools available in the market today, many mobile app developers often overlook the importance of stringent mobile app testing.

This generally happens because most mobile app developers fail to choose the right set of mobile app testing tools. They get lost in the plethora of available mobile app testing tools and consequently are unable to find the best and right mobile app testing tools. If you’re one of those developers, here is a list of top mobile app testing tools to help you improve the usability, functionality, security, and consistency of your mobile apps.

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Top Mobile App Testing Tools 2018


Treated like a celebrity in the family of mobile app testing tools, Appium is one of the most popular and widely used open-source mobile app testing tools to automate the testing of native, hybrid and mobile web apps on Android and iOS platforms. It is available for Windows and Mac OS and supports several popular programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.


Robotium is another test automation framework that has received an honorable mention among the best mobile app testing tools. Explicitly built for Android, Robotium supports automating end-to-end testing of both native and hybrid apps. What makes Robotium stand out from other mobile app testing tools is the ease of writing powerful and robust automated UI tests for Android apps.


Being a powerful automated mobile app testing tool, Selenium takes advantage of the Selenium 2 client API to help developers write robust tests for the UI of Android native and hybrid apps. Moreover, it is fully compatible with the JSON Wire Protocol, features a built-in Inspector to simplify test case development and has a unique capability to interact with multiple devices simultaneously.


Calabash is basically a Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) testing framework specifically built for writing and executing automated acceptance tests for both Android and iOS native and hybrid mobile apps. Using this amazing mobile app testing tool, not only you can automatically test your mobile app over a thousand virtual devices in the cloud but also can perform automated functional and acceptance testing with any Ruby-based test framework like Cucumber.


SeeTest is a continuous testing platform by Experitest designed to let developers continuously test mobile apps in order to accelerate release cycles and improve the quality of apps. Being one of the most powerful mobile app testing tools, SeeTest can be easily integrated with other industry-leading mobile app testing tools, such as Appium and Selenium, and supports parallel testing on multiple devices.


Built by talented folks at SmartBear, TestComplete is another robust mobile app testing tool allowing developers to create, manage, and run automated and repeatable GUI tests across both native and hybrid mobile apps. With TestComplete, you can create automated test scripts in your favorite programming languages, such as Python, JScript, and JavaScript, for both Android and iOS devices.


Built on top of the Appium, Kobiton is among the most popular cloud-based mobile app testing tools that provide developers complete control over the test cases and ongoing processes. With a strong focus on top-notch quality user experiences, this wonderful tool offers manual and automated testing on over 350 real-devices, allows to manage your own enterprise device lab and facilitates you to get an instant health-check of your mobile app.


AppDynamics is an application performance monitoring and management tool from Cisco for identifying issues and keeping a check on the performance of a mobile app in real-time. Leveraging the power of machine learning, this fabulous mobile app testing tool allows developers to focus on key testing factors such as code-level diagnostics, dynamic baselining, and anomaly detection. Available for both iOS and Android platforms!


Owned by Microsoft, HockeyApp provides developers the most efficient way to collect live crash reports, feedback, and user metrics while also allowing them to distribute beta versions of their Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS applications. What makes HockeyApp the most preferred mobile app testing tool is the availability of unlimited storage and unlimited testers for unlimited mobile apps.


As one of the most popular mobile app testing tools for beta testing, TestFairy offers some really unique features for app developers, like client-side detailed video recording, logs and crash reporting, and on-premises deployment. It is 100% free, can be installed on a private cloud and is available for the beta testing of both Android and iOS mobile applications.

Apart from HockeyApp and TestFairy, you can also try TestFlight for iOS and Google Play Beta Testing for Android. Being official, both tools are quite promising and facilitate developers to invite users to test their apps and collect users’ feedback before making the app live on app stores.

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