7 Traits to Look for When Hiring a Web Developer

Hiring a Web Developer

Web Design & Development

A web developer can be one of your most critical hires because this professional profoundly impacts your company’s operations and bottom line. Especially when you’re hiring a web developer the first time, you can’t rely solely on referrals or resume to make the final decision.

While knowledge or experience is undoubtedly an important skill to look for, it still doesn’t guarantee to hire the most suitable candidate. So, what makes a great web developer? Here are some core traits you should look for to find an eligible candidate for your company or clients.

Passionate for Coding & Development

Professional web development experts are genuinely passionate about coding and development. They think beyond the code, embrace the challenges, and always deliver their work with excellence. They can think about the big picture and capture the small details. Their deep passion for their work naturally reflects in their interactions with you. If not, they may not be the right person.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Anyone can learn a language or tool, but it takes lots of effort to keep up with the latest techniques and trends. If the individual is excited about learning recently-launched technologies, they can adapt and cope with unexpected changes to the project’s scope. Ideally, it’s far easier to train an adaptable developer than someone experienced and knowledgeable.

Creative Problem Solver

Unlike other professionals, a good web developer should be creative and have the ability to produce more than one solution to any complex problem. As a natural problem solver, they should be excited to ask lots of questions and answer them with a solution-oriented approach. Developing code for a website or application comprises problem-solving, and a great web developer thrives on finding working solutions to complex development problems.

An Excellent Team Player

A good web developer rarely works alone, no matter what the situation is. Being a team player doesn’t essentially mean they have to be a natural-born leader. It instead means that they should be able to resolve conflict successfully on their own. A web developer not only works with other professionals in their team but they sometimes also need to work closely with the marketing team or clients. Hence, make sure the professional you’re hiring can take on a team.

Great Time & Task Management

Every project has a deadline in which it needs to be completed, and top tier web developers are incredibly punctual about it. They never miss the set deadlines and deliver their work on or even before time. Particularly if you’re in an agency field, you have many deadlines and projects, of which some are small while others are big. The web developer should be able to figure out what should be on the highest priority and what has to be on the lowest priority to get things done smoothly.

Portfolio (With Side Projects)

An outstanding portfolio showcases the skills, competencies, and expertise that you’re searching for your company or project. Great web developers have an impressive online portfolio of projects that they have done recently. They may also show off their side projects, which give you a clear insight into their desires, interests, and goals. Particularly if you’re going to hire a newbie web developer who doesn’t have any experience or a track record, asking for side projects can be exceptionally beneficial to judge if the candidate is a good match for your business.

Excellent Communication Skills

Would you like to work on a project with someone who has poor communication skills? This may prove to be the worst experience for you. Communication is an integral part of every profession, and web development is no exception. The web developer you’re hiring should be an excellent communicator who presents everything in layman’s terms instead of confusing technical jargon. If your developer cannot communicate effectively with clients, it will cause you massive headaches down the road.

Final Words

Hiring top-notch web developers for your team or project shouldn’t have to be difficult if you look for the characteristics mentioned above. However, for even better results, it’s recommended you also involve other fellow developers in the hiring process, especially ones that will be working closely with the potential candidate. Getting references from someone you trust is another great way to pick up the gems.

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