Hiring Dedicated Developers – Key Benefits & Helpful Tips

Hiring Dedicated Developers - Key Benefits & Helpful Tips

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Imagine how easy and quick the development process would be if a group of professionals work exclusively on your project. The concept of hiring dedicated developers who work on a remote basis is quite prevalent these days, and you must know about it.

No matter if you’re planning to develop a website, mobile app, or web app, hiring a team of dedicated developers or a single dedicated developer gives you full control over the development process. The key benefits of hiring a dedicated development team are:

#Exact Skills

Projects are skill-oriented. When you hire a dedicated team of developers, you handpick the professionals with the specific skills you or your in-house team lack. Where some projects require specialized skills; on the other hand, others require different-different skills. A group of dedicated developers is a combination of different professionals with different skillsets, providing you access to various skills to use in your projects as per your requirements.

#Full Control

The main reason why such teams are called ‘dedicated’ is that they are built to work exclusively on your projects. Consequently, you have full control over them throughout the project management lifecycle. Not only can you add more professionals to your dedicated team to accelerate the project development, but also you can reduce the number of professionals to save on your overall development cost.

#Cost Efficiency

Hiring a team of dedicated developers to work on a specified project is usually cost-effective. That’s because for building a team, you don’t need to seek out individual developers. A pre-built team is always there to work exclusively on your project. Plus, these professionals are already trained, and they work on a pay-as-you-go basis. On the other hand, when you employ an in-house professional, you’re required to shell out a substantial amount on their training, wages, perks, office rent, etc. – which eventually leads to higher overall development costs.

#No Taxation

This is closely related to the previous point. When you hire dedicated developers to work exclusively on your particular project, you won’t need to pay any additional taxes for them. Since dedicated developers work based on hourly rates, you get tax incentives that you can use to fuel your organization’s growth.

#Save Time

When you hire dedicated developers, your recruiting process is nearly finished. You neither need to consider renting a workplace for in-house developers nor need to spend a lot of time seeking out professionals in your city. You can instead spend your precious time on more critical business objectives.

What to Look for When Hiring Dedicated Developers?

Now that you’re familiar with the pros of hiring dedicated developers, you need to know how to hire the right dedicated professionals. To help you make the right decision, here are a few things you should keep in mind while hiring dedicated developers.

#Experience & Expertise

Like any other resource you hire for your business, the experience and expertise of dedicated mobile app developers or web developers are one of the critical factors to take into account. Check for how old the company is, what kind of websites and web apps they have developed, what kind of mobile apps they have built, what kind of issues they have tackled in the past, etc. Always go with a team of professionals with extensive experience and a proven track record.


When you’re planning to hire dedicated mobile app and web developers, a portfolio emerges as a powerful way to analyze their capability. Ask them to provide samples of work they have done in the past, and you’ll be able to understand what kind of work they are most proficient in. Also, check reviews from previous clients on trusted B2B research platforms such as Clutch and GoodFirms.

#Rates & Payments

Due to a significant difference in different countries’ economies, there is a considerable variation in professionals’ hourly rates. Hence, you should always be clear about rates and payments to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. How will they do billing, hourly or monthly? How many updates and bug fixes does their quote include? Are there any additional or hidden fees or surcharges? Get genuine answers to all these questions.

#Adherence to Coding Standards

The team of dedicated developers you’re going to hire must follow both general-coding-guidelines as well as technology-specific guidelines. For example, if you’re going to hire dedicated WordPress developers, make sure they follow the WordPress Coding Standards. In short, no matter if it is a website, web app, or mobile app, be sure the dedicated professionals follow the respective technology coding standards.

#Direct Communication

Lastly, direct communication with your team of dedicated developers is the key to a successful project. Figure out whether you can directly communicate with your developers to discuss and resolve some specific issues. Remember, a good IT company is one that encourages direct, continuous, and transparent communication between you and your team of dedicated developers.

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