Top 11 WordPress Plugins to Convert Your Website to App

Convert WordPress Website to App


In the age of burgeoning mobile users, a mobile app or a responsive website is a must to remain relevant in the business arena. The dynamics of mobile usage has changed drastically with the advent of smartphones.

According to a report from WARC, nearly 72.6% of all internet users will be using smartphones to access the World Wide Web by 2025, making a responsive website a necessity for every online business. Also, according to Statista, the number of smartphone users worldwide is estimated to reach 7.6 millions by the year 2027.


However, if compared to a native mobile app, a responsive website often fails to deliver users the same on-the-go experience. In fact, some experts opine that mobile apps are much better than mobile sites.

This is quite true as mobile apps have got more options for customization and other features to give an excellent navigational experience to visitors. If we compare mobile websites with mobile apps, then the latter is more effective in engaging users and converting them into potential customers than the former. Consequently, mobile apps have now become the new standard for businesses to reach and connect with their customers.

So, do you have a mobile app for your WordPress site? If the answer is no, then you are losing a lot of business potential. It is not a difficult task as there are several ways to transform your WordPress site into a mobile application:

    • Use a WordPress Plugin
    • Use an App Builder
    • Hire WordPress mobile app development experts

If you’re building a mobile app for your WordPress site yourself, then using a plugin is probably the best choice. For your help, here is a handpicked list of 11 best plugins that are perfect for converting a WordPress site to a mobile app.

1:- Mobile App Canvas:

Mobile App Canvas

The Mobile App Canvas happens to be one of the best plugins created by MobiLoud which helps you make a mobile app and publish it to Google Play Store and Apple Store. Through the plugin, you can easily turn your website or mobile website at your disposal into native mobile apps. The Mobile App Canvas facilitates in setting up a mobile app via existing themes and plugins, and you also have the option to select a theme that you desire for your mobile app.

2:- AndroApp:


This plugin can be used to make an outstanding mobile app for both Android and iOS versions. It is quite handy in creating a smartphone application for WordPress website or blog. Even if you don’t have any technical know-how with regard to any programming language, still you can create a mobile app with the AndroApp plugin.

3:- Appful:


This plugin helps you immensely in creating a superior mobile app that can be used with Android as well as iOS platforms. The plugin is a creation of the SaaS company, which has a reputation of providing perfect software solutions to the companies, publishers, and magazines, so as to target their customers and users via mobile apps. The Appful has a good range of mobile designs that are reasonably priced.

4:- AppPresser:


This is primarily a mobile application builder, which merges easily with WordPress. It contains numerous WordPress plugins and a theme which help integrate with the custom plugins of your choice. You don’t require the technical knowledge to build a mobile app over here. The only requirement to create an AppPresser app is to have a WordPress site at your disposal.

5:- MobiLoud:


With the help of MobiLoud plugin, you can create a user-friendly mobile application out of your WordPress website. The process of navigation through the app created by the plugin is also very smooth and swift. It also has the propensity to drive traffic and retain visitors by using push notifications.

6:- WPMobile.App:


The best part about this plugin is the scope of customization, especially the theme, which has 20 widgets and 24 customizable colours. It also provides accurate statistics with regard to the traffic to your website. The plugin has easy to use features as you can do anything from admin arena. This can turn any WordPress site into an app, be it commercial or eCommerce.

7:- Blappsta:


The Blappsta is a free plugin and works very well on both Android and iOS platforms. It comes with a novel facility of ‘Blappsta Preview’ through which you can easily check and view your experiments before uploading the same. So, prior to going live you can get a clear picture of how your mobile app works and looks.

8:- Appmaker WP:


Appmaker WP is a simple yet powerful plugin, allowing you to quickly convert any WordPress site into a native Android or iOS mobile app by just drag and drop. All you need to do is install and activate the plugin, upload your site’s URL, give a name and icon to your app, and you’re good to go.

9:- Web2App:

Web2App allows you to turn any responsive website into a highly-functional native Android or iOS app, without any coding skills. By integrating Web2Application to your WordPress site, this plugin lets you send push notifications, experience more advanced features, and control your app through your WordPress Dashboard.

10:- WappPress:


A next-generation plugin to let you automatically turn your WordPress site into a full-featured Android app in a couple of steps. You can do various things, like setting a launcher icon, selecting a launcher screen, sending push notifications, and more. Even, you can publish your mobile app to the Play Store using this plugin.

11:- Appmaker:


If you’re looking for the best solution to convert your WooCommerce store into a native Android or iOS mobile app, then this the right plugin for you. With over 2000+ third party WooCommerce plugins supported, the plugin allows you to send unlimited personalized push notifications.


There are several guidelines to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly. However, by choosing the right plugins, you can easily convert your WordPress site to a mobile app. There are several plugins to convert a website to a mobile app and these are simply some of the best, as they offer a lot of scope for personalization and ensure good performance. Through these plugins, it would become easier to reach your target audience as well. So, select an app carefully after thoroughly analyzing your requirements. In case you are looking to convert WordPress site to a custom moible app, feel free to contact us.

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