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Best Android Libraries

12+ Best Android Libraries of 2019 to Make Extraordinary Apps


By: Jay M | Views: 226
Android App Development | 3 Min

When it’s about developing a high-quality custom Android app in the least time possible, you need the right set of Android libraries to accelerate your app development process. Saving you from reinventing the wheel, Android libraries not only save you a lot of time and effort but also help you quickly develop an app that

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Automation Tools for Mobile Application Testing

11+ Mobile Application Automation Testing Tools


By: Jay M | Views: 309
Mobile App Development | 3 Min

One of the most critical aspects of every mobile app development life cycle is rigorous testing and no mobile app developer or company can take a chance to skip this stage. Fortunately, there are several mobile app automation testing tools available to turn the complex manual testing process into a truly automated workflow. In the

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Web Designer Tools and Resources

18 Recently Launched Tools & Resources for Web Designers


By: Jay M | Views: 405
Technology | 3 Min

Web Design, which is a subset of Web Development, is a realm where you need to keep yourself up with the latest trends and technologies because only then you can deliver your users the most contemporary experience. Given that 75% of users judge the credibility of a business based on the design of the website,

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Halloween eCommerce

Halloween eCommerce: Make Your Brand Spooktacular with iPraxa


By: Jay M | Views: 184
Celebration | 3 Min

Hear that sound? It’s the first of the most beloved holidays knocking on the door. In fact, Halloween is the fourth most popular holiday next to Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter that gets consumers to open up their wallets. However, most of the time, retailers miss out on Halloween revenue opportunities simply because they don’t focus

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