We have a QA team stregnth of 10 people well versed in quality assurance concepts and tools. We perform testing activities at every phase of the project starting with requirement analysis until it is deployed and is working as expected.

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These are the different types of testing we perform

  • Unit Testing: We believe in writing well commented, effective code and continous testing. Our developers test the smallest unit of code they write to identify the defects very early in the process.
  • Integration Testing: As different modules of the project are put together, we test the interfaces.
  • System Testing: This is performed to test the system as a whole.
  • Regression Testing: We realize that a change made on one part of the application might introduce some bugs elsewhere. So we execute regression test cases on regular basis to validate that no regression is introduced due to a change/fix.
  • User Acceptance testing: This testing is intended to be performed by the actual users. In our case, we encourage our clients to participate in this phase of the testing cycle. These test cases are created at the time of requirement gathering and are the last ones to be executed.


  • To improve the test coverage, test cases are automated on regular basis. We use open source functioan automation tools.
  • We use defect tracking system to track the defect life cycle and to make sure that all defects are fixed and are verified.