Mobile App Development

Hire the Best App Developers

Tips to Hire the Best App Developers: Do’s and Don’ts


By: Jay M | Views: 19
Mobile App Development | 3 min read

According to recent reports from Statista, there are over 2.6 million apps on the Google Play Store and 2.2 million on Apple’s App Store. With such a huge number of mobile apps, the most common challenge that everyone faces is how to get their app noticed (of course, without any advertising) among the millions of

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Mobile App Security

12 Mobile App Security Best Practices Every Developer Should Know


By: Jay M | Views: 38
Mobile App Development | 3 min read

Whenever it comes to mobile app development, mobile app security remains the number one concern for all developers as a single breach not only can tarnish the business’s reputation but also may end up wasting all their development efforts. In today’s world full of hackers, where mobile app security threats like Data Leakage, Network Spoofing,

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Mobile App Development Technologies

8 Latest & Trending Mobile App Development Technologies 2018


By: Jay M | Views: 220
Mobile App Development | 3 min read

While building the right technology stack for mobile app development, one of the most common challenges developers face is the selection and addition of the latest mobile app development technologies. Be it Android app development, iOS app development or cross-platform custom mobile app development, the inclusion of outdated mobile app development technologies in your development

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Mobile App Testing Tools

12 Best Mobile App Testing Tools Every Developer Should Use


By: Mohit M | Views: 194
Mobile App Development | 3 min read

Rigorous Testing is one of the most important phases of custom mobile app development process. And why not? The main objective of a mobile app is to ultimately deliver users an enjoyable, error-free experience. Unfortunately, despite a huge number of mobile app testing tools available in the market today, many mobile app developers often overlook

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