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Android P

Android P: Everything You Need to Know About


By: Jay M | Views: 577
Android App Development | 12 min read

Android P, the 9th major update and the 16th version of the Android OS, is finally here! Officially released under the name “Pie”, Android P harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to make your mobile device smarter, faster and more tailored to you so you adjust, scroll, charge, and tap as less as possible and

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6 Ways to Prepare your Android App for Google Play Store


By: Jay M | Views: 833
Android App Development | 5 min read

Preparing your new Android app for Google Play Store not only includes having a right marketing plan in advance but also it requires you to take care of several things related to your app’s technicalities. Particularly when you’re going to make your app live, you need to pay special attention to its visibility and accessibility

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Kotlin for Android developers

Kotlin for Android Developers: A Brief Introduction


By: Mohit M | Views: 569
Android App Development | 6 min read

For years now, Java has been the standard programming language for developing Android apps. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is always the best choice for Android developers. Just like any other programming language, it also comes with a set of limitations, like being old, verbose, error-prone and slower modernization, which makes it a less

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mobile apps fail

6 Genuine Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail


By: Jay M | Views: 121
Android App Development | 5 min read

Whether it is an Android user or an iPhone user, mobile apps have become everyone’s priority in today’s always-connected world. From staying connected with loved ones on Facebook to watching videos on Youtube to taking notes on Evernote, we all use several apps every day. However, not every mobile app becomes a success. While there could be

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